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Desai Farms of Tewksbury

1012 Califon-Cokesbury Rd Lebanon, NJ 08833 | 908.236.6742

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Desai Farms “Living the Dream”

We had dreamed of a place where we could teach our children about the simple things in life. Where the questions of a child’s growing mind, could be answered by going “Back to the Basics.”

There is no substitute for the practical lessons of living life while being part of the natural process. The Desai family has chosen to establish a farm that deals in Alpacas, Goats, Guinea Hens, Chickens, Miniature Dairy Cows and their products. And yes, Ponies too!

It is said that there is a healing power through the interaction and touch of animals, especially in children, and those with special needs. We would like the opportunity to help others through our animals and the life changing experience they offer.

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