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Desai Farms of Tewksbury

1012 Califon-Cokesbury Rd Lebanon, NJ 08833 | 908.236.6742

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About Us
The Goat Experience

Objective: Goat Feeding, Milking, handling and maintenance. Included:
1. The process of feeding and milking. Each child will try their hand at milking a goat. They will be shown the difference between cow and goat’s milk, along with the products that could be made from goat’s milk such as soap and cheese. Each child will receive a sample of goat soap and milk (store bought) to take home.
2. Healthy hoof care. Demonstration on hoof trimming. They will be schooled on what a goats hoof should look like and asked to examine the goat’s hooves and recommend the correction through discussion.
3. Proper grooming and showing. Each group will groom and halter their goat. They will work together to prepare their goat for a show. They will then take turns practicing to lead their goat during a show.
4. The Show Ring. A mock show will be conducted giving each child a chance to compete and demonstrate his/her ability to lead and place their goat in a show stance for a judge to examine. A best in show will be chosen and a prize will be received. All children will receive a small prize for participating in the show.

The Camelid Experience
Objective: Alpaca/Llama Feeding, Handling and Maintenance. Included:

1. Feeding and behavior. Each child will feed by hand or bucket. Followed by a discussion of the behavior of the animal during feeding and otherwise, including the act of spitting (reasons and origin). Also, how to properly maintain a clean environment for an alpaca and the behavior that makes them the cleanest farm animal to own.
2. Capture and haltering. Each child will be taught to capture, halter and walk an alpaca.
3. Alpaca Fiber Processing. A demonstration in the processing of raw alpaca fiber using the techniques and tools for skirting, carding, and spinning. Children will be assigned a role to play in the processing procedure.
The Pony Experience
Objective: Pony Handling and Care – Introduction to the Miniature horse and Shetland pony as well as, the activities involved in their ownership.

1. Visit the horse barn. Children will feed grain and hay. They will examine the physical characteristics of our equine.
2. Groom and dress a pony. Children will learn how to groom, saddle and bridle our Shetland pony.
3. Pony Rides. Children will be given a short pony ride.
4. Strip and groom a pony. Children will remove tack and groom the pony after riding.
5. Bathe a miniature horse. Children will give our miniature horse a bath in the barn.

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Ask about our Private Pony Parties and Small Farm Parties!

Goat and Alpaca Mentorship programs available for adults.

We Reserve the right to change programs to accommodate clinic sizes and participants.